बुधबार , कार्तिक ३, २०७८

यसरी दिनुहोस् आवेदन, यस्तो छ प्रकिया?

साउन ७, २०७८ बिहिबार 124

यसरी दिनुहोस् आवेदन, यस्तो छ प्रकिया?








A golden opportunity for Nepalese to work abroad for four reputed Saudi Arabian companies. Worker, laborer, and factor. Only number 40 men are needed.





The salary will range from Rs 31,680 to Rs 63,720 per month. Since the company has a reputation for providing good service to their clients, the company wants to maintain that reputation

So they want employees who are enthusiastic, responsible, and punctual. Many workers from a different country work at this company, as well as many Nepalese workers.







The positions listed above come with good salaries. The company rules and regulations will determine hours and the overtime facility is available in this job position.

Each day is casual, so workers have to work 8 hours in total. Six days of work per week are required for the workers.





The company will provide a good meal/food & accommodation facility for this job position. There is a job limit or duration of about two years, and if the workers wish, they can extend the contracts.